About Us

Lord Baden Powell

Scouting began with 20 boys and an experimental camp held during the first nine days of August 1907, at Brownsea Island, Dorset. The camp was a great success with tent pitching, use of a map and compass, cooking over a wood fire and tracking.

It proved to its organiser, Lord Baden-Powell, that his training and methods appealed to young people and really worked.

From those earliest days, Scouting flourished with Scouts being recognised for their role during both world wars and continually evolving to become the fantastic youth organisation of today.

Scouting in Broomfield

Scouting began here in Broomfield around 1918. Originally based in a wooden hut where the waste paper skip is now found, the current Scout HQ, just off of School Lane was built in 1974.

Our two Cub Packs pay homage to the founder of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell who had a close affinity with Africa and folklore tells of him capturing and befriending Chief Dinizulu of the Zulu tribe (although other versions of the story exist!)

During that same period, the natives of the Matabeleland affectionately came to know Baden-Powell as ‘Kantankye’ or ‘He of the big hat’.

Today, 1st Broomfield Scout Group supports over 130 young people providing them with fun, adventure and skills for life!